GTA San Andreas Cheats for PC

GTA: San Andreas is an old game that was first released back in October 2004. It is widely regarded as the best Grand Theft Auto game and many people still play it on the PC, Xbox, and PS3. If you have been playing GTA San Andreas on the PC and you are looking for cheats that will help you survive the toughest missions in the game, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find a list of some of the best GTA San Andreas cheats for PC. Visit our site to find more cheats for the GTA San Andreas game on the PC, Xbox, and PS3.

All Cars Have Nitro

This cheat is very useful in missions where you are being chased by police or gangs. Only the sports cars and racing cars in the game have nitro, so it can be difficult to get away from pursuers if you are riding a normal or slow car. This cheat will add nitro to all of the cars in the game so that you can use nitro to get away easily from the cops and goons who are chasing you. To activate this cheat, type SPEEDFREAK on your keyboard during gameplay.

Have Jetpack

The jetpack is one of the most useful items in the game because it allows you to fly to get to high places easily and escape pursuers. However, the jetpack costs $60 million and you won't be able to get it until late in the game. To get the jetpack early in the game for free, type ROCKETMAN during gameplay. This cheat will unlock the jetpack early and make some of the earlier missions easier to complete.

Weather Cheats

There are also GTA San Andreas cheats for PC that allow you to change the weather. If you want to play God in the game and change the weather to whatever you want, then try these weather cheats in the game. To get sunny weather, type PLEASANTLYWARM on your keyboard during gameplay. To get a thunderstorm, type SCOTTISHSUMMER during gameplay. To get very sunny weather, type TOODAMNHOT during gameplay. To get foggy weather, type CFVFGMJ during gameplay.

Spawn Racecar

If you need a racecar to get away from your pursuers or participate in the racing missions, then this racecar cheat will be very useful to you during the game. To instantly spawn a racecar, type VROCKPOKEY on your keyboard during gameplay.

Get Health, Armor, and $250,000

Health, armor, and money are very important in the game. Without these, you will not survive long in the game. To get health, armor, and $250,000 instantly in the game, type the code HESOYAM on your keyboard during gameplay.

Never Wanted

If you want to get rid of the Wanted levels in the game so that you won't have to worry about being chased by the police whenever you commit a crime, then try this Never Wanted cheat. To activate this cheat in the game, type the code IFIRSTDOZ during gameplay. With this cheat activated, your Wanted level will not increase during the game even if you commit a crime.